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A lot of people have been asking me.

“What is the deal with USDT and fUSDT on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)?”

“Why is this bridge such a big deal?”

In this article, I will try to address these two questions.

Disclaimer: The arguments below are based on my personal opinions, understanding, and experiences. They might be wrong!

Let's start by looking at two types of USDT found on BSC.

The most liquid type (popular) is the one that is labeled USDT but is in fact BUSD-T. This token is minted and backed by native USDT that is held in…

Sending money through a bridge for the first time is never a carefree endeavor, especially as the amount increases. There is something strange about the fact that there is very little difference, to the end-user, between a smart contract (SC) bridge and a SC deposit. However, there have certainly been cases of funds being lost in the void between chains.

Today, we traverse the waters between Etherum and Fantom’s Opera blockchain. So we start by heading to

Week ending March 14, 2021

Written by @dudesahn, @ceazor, & @qosmonot


Welcome to the State of the Vaults — a weekly newsletter summarizing yVault-related updates as well as current APYs and boost levels. For complete vault strategy descriptions and the actions (strategies) these vaults are performing, please visit The Vaults at Yearn.

News 📢🐦

Ryan Miller discovers a 🐇🕳️

Ryan starts a conversation with a few of the big brains about the fee structure of v2 Vaults. It’s worth navigating.
TLDR: Vaults pay fees to Treasury and team by minting interest bearing vault shares instead pulling from the profits.

Yearn seizing Big Data Protocol opportunities 💿

Ceazor shares the quick work of the Yearn developer team for seeing…

Week ending February 28, 2021

Written by @dudesahn, @ceazor, & @qosmonot


Welcome to the State of the Vaults — a weekly newsletter summarizing yVault-related updates as well as more in-depth information about the actions (strategies) these vaults are performing.

Yearn and Curve Synergy

One of the critical components of Yearn’s infrastructure includes a collaborative relationship with Several Yearn vaults provide liquidity into Curve pools and stake the liquidity provider (LP) tokens into the respective gauges, earning CRV rewards. Yearn locks 10% of all CRV rewards earned into the yveCRV-DAO vault (“Backscratcher”) to obtain an additional amount of CRV. …

Week ending February 7, 2021

After four months of publishing the State of the Vaults, @dudesahn has recently stepped up to help drive the future of @iearnfinance’s website. Moving forward, it is with great pleasure that we, @Ceazor7 🥪 and @qosmonot 👨‍🚀, will be carrying on publishing the weekly State of the Vaults. Please feel free to reach out to us for any comments or if you would like to see anything added to the publication.


To help consolidate information in a single place, we created State of the Vaults–a weekly update that will include yVault-related updates from the previous week as well as more…


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